Investment Approach

Sentinel is focused on identifying investment opportunities that offer compelling risk-adjusted returns for our partners.

Competitive Advantage:

With over 40-years of Texas real estate experience, our team is locally focused with historical relationships ranging from construction, to leasing, banking and financing, permitting, and property management.


We utilize our expertise in mid-market multifamily and commercial real estate to uniquely position our projects, allowing them to capitalize on prevailing market growth and capture expanding demand drivers.


We operate with a top-down market analysis to target and assess geographic areas benefiting from attractive long term macro trends. We then combine our data driven criteria with our “boots-on-the-ground” approach, surveying and examining the investment areas, sub-market trends, and specific asset advantages.


With decades-long industry relationships and proven management expertise, we are able to complete the due-diligence process at an exponential rate, while simultaneously fulfilling financing, permitting and legal requirements.